White Room

1990, 90 minutes
Director: Patricia Rozema
Script: Patricia Rozema
Cinematography: Paul Sarossy
Cast: Kate Nelligan, Maurice Godin
Margot Kidder & Sheila McCarthy
Original Score: Mark Korven
Producer: Alex Raffé

This "Grim Fairy Tale" follows the journey of an aspiring young writer, Norman Gentle (Maurice Godin), on his quest for "honour, action and, or course, love."  Along the way to self expression, he encounters three very different women.  One night, benignly prowling the backyards of an urban neighborhood, he witnesses the savage murder and rape of a woman who lives in a large glass house. With the help of a shallow but amusing street performer, Zelda (Shela McCarthy), he discovers that the victim was the popular singer/poet Madelaine X (Margot Kidder).  At her funeral he meets a beautiful and strange woman, Jane (Kate Nelligan) with whom he falls deeply in love.  Norm becomes obsessed with a mysterious room that Jane slips into every night.  He begins to suspect a bizarre link between Jane and the murdered Madelaine X.  This strange, sometimes warm, sometimes harrowing tale has two endings-one tragic, one euphoric, both essential.