The Shape I Think

"The Shape I Think" from Symposium: Ladder of Love 1997
8 minute segment from Symposium
Directed by: Nick Sheehan

Symposium is a bold and daring film that brings together a group of Canadian artists, film-makers and writers to discuss the true nature of love.

The film blends documentary, drama, artifice and realism.

Adrian, a fictional film-maker, played by theatre cult figure Daniel MacIver, has sent a copy of Plato's Symposium to a group of friends with the question "what is love?"

He has made films inspired by their answers, and has brought the friends together to view them at a Symposium. True to the tradition of Plato's classic text, all the love is same-sex love. Yet every story, every approach to love, is different.

Patricia Rozema's contribution, "The Shape I Think," features Rozema herself telling her own original story of love, adventure and a cat.